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On the street vox pop










Tim Madsen: “I’m gutted about the statistics. They need to educate the young people more, and show them the older people who are on it. “
Steve Whitaker: “It’s chronically sad. Heartbreaking. If you can solve the meth problem in New Zealand you’d be a hero. It’s one of our biggest challenges.”
Shannon Tana: “The stats are concerning. It’s grass roots services that will help impact on the use of P but the right type of services for Tairawhiti is important. “
Shaiv Patel: “Of course I’m concerned. It gives Gisborne a bad reputation. As a community at this stage I don’t think there’s much we can do about it. “
Keriana Kingi-Nepe: “I see the lasting effects of it. The solution will need to involve lots of differing approaches that engage particularly with the families of people using it.”
Jarred Bracefield: “It’s bad for the community and won’t attract out-of-towners here. Young people need to be told more about it, it’s not good for their health.”
Ati Moana: “It’s serious! I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up here if it stays like that. What can we do? There’s so many just turn their nose away.”
Ara Moana: ‘It’s so disgusting! A lot of pepole spend their money on P instead of buying shoes for their kids. They only think about themselves.”
Ange Harvey: “I’m very concerned about it, especially with young children. You worry about them. it’s not a good look for Gisborne. We need to educate youngsters about the risks.”
Ben McArthur: “You do see the effects of it on the streets. It’s certainly not flattering for Gisborne.”