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Roaming dogs kill and maim

Whatatutu farmer Fraser Moore is angry about huge sheep losses from stray dogs roaming his land.

On Thursday morning last week, he got up to find 34 dead lambs in one of his paddocks.

“There were also 25 mauled and yesterday I had another clean-up and found another 12 ewes injured.”

He estimates losses from this attack to be about $6000 but says it is not the first time his sheep have been attacked.

He has seen the dogs he believes are responsible for the carnage in his paddock but has not been close enough to shoot them.

“One is a red brown colour and the other white. They work together and not to eat — it’s a sport. They have the same modus operandi — they chew on the legs and bring them down.

“It is gutting .. when they are dead that is final. Then I have all these injured ones; dog bites are notorious for infections.”

Mr Moore said the Gisborne District Council dog control team had been great to date.

GDC animal control team leader Ross Hannam said the team were aware of the situation and were working with Mr Moore.

If dogs are seen on farmland, the farmer has the right to shoot them and all dog owners can be prosecuted under the Animal Control Act 1996, he said.

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