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Word on the street

“Recent statistics show New Zealand women are paid an average of 9.3 percent less than men. Should women and men receive equal pay?









Stephanie Stumpf: “Why, in this day and age, is this still a question?”
Shaun Williams: “They’re still talking about the equal pay thing? In today’s world, I agree it should be equal."
Paige Shaw: “Definitely. Everyone should be paid equally.”
Sara White: “Definitely. We are equal and do the same amount of work.”
Ruth Glover: “Absolutely. Our skills are equal. Equal skills, equal pay rates.”
Peter Leef: “If they’re doing the same job I don’t see why not.”
Michael Wilson: “If they’re doing the same job, same pay.”
Mel Cheetham: “Traditionally women largely gave up their careers to raise children – but when two people have the same role and same responsibilities they should be paid the same."
Maia Donovan: “Yes. These days women are taking on roles men would traditionally do, especially in areas like forestry. The gap is closing.”
Abigail Salmond: “It’s a complex issue. People should be paid based on their performance and ability to do the job. It should not just be based on gender. Change like that takes a long time.”