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Police move on city homeless

Some of Gisborne’s homeless community have been shifted out of the old police station again.

The five homeless men were moved on by Gisborne police on Tuesday afternoon.

Gutted about losing their shelter, the men shuffled off with their meagre belongings and gathered outside the nearby church.

One of the men, Len Kaui, said he did not know where they would all sleep now.

“The cop told us we could sleep in the doorway of the church but not inside the old police station.”

He was living on the streets because he could not live with family, he said.

“It was too hard. I get my sickness benefit and I can have a shower at the council for $3 and I can use the public toilets. It is sad that I need to find some shelter.”

He would try to find something under a bridge or at Kaiti Beach.

An injury prevented him from working, he said.

Police youth services Senior Constable Bruce Amai was returning from the airport on Tuesday afternoon when he saw a person unbolt the gate which leads into the old police station from Childers Road.

“I went inside to check on the situation and found five men living there.

“I then advised them that they were trespassing and that they were to leave, and a short time later all five left without incident.”

Senior Constable Amai then advised the building owners, Rongowhakaata.

A member of the police communications team said while he didn’t have any details, he could say that, where appropriate, police would engage partner agencies when being called to an event involving vulnerable people.

HOMELESS: Five men without a home had to leave the old police station building on the corner of Peel Street and Childers Road earlier this week. One of the men is pictured walking down Peel Street. Picture supplied