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Shootings at Patutahi

A boy shot while riding his bike near his home on Tuesday afternoon could have lost function in his right hand as the pellet “just missed a nerve”.

The nine-year-old Patutahi boy underwent surgery yesterday to remove the pellet from his arm.

He had been riding his bike along Kaimoe Road at Patutahi about 5pm on Tuesday when he was shot.

A family spokesperson said the family was told after his operation the slug gun pellet just missed a nerve.

“It went through muscle and just missed a main nerve. If it had hit the nerve he would have lost function in his right hand. The hospital staff said he was a ‘very very lucky boy’.”

“When they released him from the hospital yesterday afternoon he was too scared to go home the usual way, so they had to take the long way home.

“The cops still haven’t arrested anybody.”

The day before the boy was shot, two women in a car had a close shave with an alleged shooter.

A former Patutahi woman and her mother were driving at Patutahi and had just reached the corner of Kaimoe and Wharekopae roads.

“He shot at the car and the impact was so powerful the glass shattered and the bullet hit (the passenger).”

The bullet was located stuck to the seat cover in the car, she said.

“The cops found it but reckon they need proof of the weapon and that they could not locate it.”

The driver said she saw out of the corner of her eye a man running inside a nearby house.

“I spun the car around and drove up the drive, flipping out at him.

“He denied it was him and said he had been inside all day.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Gisborne Police Detective David Crosby.