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Muster planned for the Waima cattle

There is good news for Waima residents dealing with wild cattle ruining their properties for years — the situation will be fixed next week.

Last week The Herald reported the frustrations of a group of residents around Waima, at Tokomaru Bay, who had cattle wandering on to their land for more than three years.

The unmarked cattle had eaten fruit trees, other vegetation and ruined lawns.

It was thought the cattle were from a large piece of land called Tawhiti Block.

Tawhiti Block trustee Jack Chambers was understanding but said they owned no stock — no cattle or sheep.

“I know exactly how they feel. I had the same problem and know what wandering cattle can do.”

Mr Chambers said he was in negotiations with musterers who handled wild cattle to remove them from Tawhiti Block.

He hoped it would be completed next week.

“The guys who can do it are coming here from Ruatoria.

The head man will come and see me, look at the herd, see what is required and take it from there.

“Mustered cattle on Tawhiti Block that are tagged will be returned to their owners.

“The unmarked cattle will be rounded up, trucked away and sold live”.

Proceeds from these sales was how the musterers would get paid.

Mr Chambers came up with the solution and other trustees of Tawhiti Block were happy with what he had proposed, he said.