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Go-first, come-last lesson in losing

NOTE to self.

When it comes to doing a “game-changer” competition in The Block NZ, don’t go first.

Gizzy Hard’s Stu Watts was regretting that impulsive action in last night’s episode of the renovation reality TV series.

Team Yellow Brick Road’s Stu, over the course of his 45 years, has probably experienced his nuts being on the chopping block on the odd occasion.

A nut on a string, however, was a first-time occurrence.

The game-changer interrupted another intense day on the Hobsonville Point buildng site as the teams power towards the business end of week 10, which requires them to complete the entrance-way, stairs and powder room of their townhouses.

You could rename game-changer the “pot-stirrer”. The winning team not only receive a prize, they also get the opportunity to affect their or another team’s score at the end-of-week Room Reveal judging.

In last night’s game-changer, the winning pair received a +1 to be wielded at any Room Reveal they choose, plus got the equivalent in money of 10 times the points they scored.

One member of each team was given a nut tied to a string. They had to toss it five times at a ladder, which had numbers on multiple rungs. The highest score won.

Stu, like the guy who dove head-first off the top of the waterfall without checking for rocks under the surface, went first and racked up a whopping minus-5.

“I probably shouldn’t have gone first,” he said afterwards to partner Amy “Not Watts” Moore. She did not repeat what the TV audience were saying in unison: “Ya think!”

Claire, of Team Orange Is The New Slack, won with a staggering 80 points — the third consecutive game-changer victory for Team Tie A Yellow Ribbon’s archest of rivals.

With a minus-1 already in their possession, Clockwork Orange’s Claire and Agni look set to once again play a pivotal role in Room Reveal.

It’s about as certain as a victorious rugby team captain saying “full credit to the opposition” that they won’t be cutting any deals with Team Big Yellow Taxi.

Not after Amy dobbed them in to site supervisor Pete “The Wolf” Wolfkamp for their unsafe painting practices — which dumb-ass Agni let slip while chatting at the coffee caravan.

The Wolf, as everyone knows, is all about health and safety. He emptied the chambers of his Dirty Harry .44 magnum at Team Orange Roughy, labelling it “about as bad a practice as I’ve seen on The Block” and inflicting a two-hours-early Tools Down penalty on their tradies.

It was strike two for Agni, already banned from driving for a week after his heavy accelerator foot during a previous challenge.

Strike three wasn’t far away. Team Orange Justice suffered a “Wolf-clamping” of their car for parking in a residential car park — something Wolf has expressly forbidden.

Amid these goings-on, the inside work and the mammoth task of painting the house exteriors continued – with Stu putting in another Trojan-like performance with brush and roller.

Amy told Team Purple Rain’s Chlo and Em that she really wanted them to win this week, but the girls took one look at the makings of another Amy-inspired masterpiece and appear consigned to retaining their winless Room Reveal run.

For finishing last in the game-changer, Team Yellow Rose of Texas had to cook The Wolf breakfast.

Bacon and eggs it was not, but while Wolf munched away he saw a mouse (later named Timmy) which, when spotted in Team Purple People Eaters’ house the day before, evoked a reaction somewhere between teenage girls at a horror movie and a Beatles concert.

The Wolf brought in an exterminator.

Timmy’s days are numbered.


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