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Wheelers and dealers versus Yellow tide

They might not win The Block NZ’s week nine Room Reveal but Gizzy Hard have something that could end up being vital to them claiming the ultimate prize on the house reno reality TV series.

They’ve got soul.

Block groupies were left teetering on the edges of their armchairs last night as the kitchen and dining room areas Room Reveal became a two-horse race between Team Yellow’s Amy Moore and Stu Watts and Boys in Blue Tom and Ben.

With five Room Reveal victories already under their belt, it has been a matter of the other three teams not just trying to stop the rot, but having to.

All but Yellow went into the week with budgets tighter than an AFL player’s shorts and desperate to collect the $12,000 up for grabs for this week’s Room Reveal victors.

With Orange holding two minus-1s to be used against any team they chose at a Room Reveal, strategy was certain to come into play to bring down Yellow.

Last night, the Yellow submarine torpedoed two of their rivals — Purple’s Chlo and Em and Orange’s Agni and Claire — but Blue continued their late charge with their best performance of the competition so far.

So good, in fact, that they now appear to be the No.1 threat to the Gisborne pair’s dominance of the series, with three weeks to go to the live auction of the four Hobsonville Point townhouses.

Judges Kristina Rapley and Jason Bonham, not surprisingly, waxed lyrical over Yellow’s latest efforts, bar a couple of elements.

“Beautiful use of colour,” interior designer Bonham said of their manuka honey walls.

“Absolutely stunning,” magazine editor Rapley enthused.

Bonham loved their selection of benchtops and use of stainless steel.

The buttery tiles were bright and bold, and worked perfectly with a bright piece of yellow-flowered artwork.

The judges were impressed by the clever wrap-around shelving they put in their kitchen island, and the praise continued into their styled pantry.

“They’ve actually given this space some love,” said Rapley. “The other teams haven’t done that.”

Block host Mark Richardson, in his judges’ feedback to the teams, said of Yellow’s area “what a beautiful use of colour and proportion”.

“It’s a lovely, warm, inviting space . . . it has soul.”

“Hats off to you Amy, you really know how to use colours well,” said Richardson, quoting the judges.

The judges were not fond of Yellow’s table — a specially-bought Gisborne piece made from upcycled beehives.

Rapley felt it was too rustic while Bonham said it was “a big miss”.

Nor did they like the large light fitting above the kitchen island.

“It kinda looks like an upside-down trough,” said Rapley.

But that was it. They raved about everything else — from their seating area to storage space, to their selection of furniture.

Bonham said it was an area perfect for a family.

There were big thumbs-up, too, for their “give and take” dining room table centre-piece.

Each team was required to create a centre-piece with a theme randomly selected — the judges’ favourite earning the winners an extra point to add to their Room Reveal total.

Yellow drew fire and Amy put together a bright red plant arrangement, complemented by candles.

The judges felt Yellow “went the extra mile with their piece”.

“Overall, they said they were totally impressed and you’ve surprised them once again,” said Richardson.

“The execution was fantastic, the styling was impeccable, it’s just a shame the table and light detracted from the space a little.”

It didn’t detract much from the scoring. Yellow were given nine by Rapley, although that was half a point behind Team Blue, who had based their entire house around the kitchen and dining room, and produced what judges described as an area with “serious wow factor”.

Yellow, however, won the give and take, which advanced their score to 10.

Rapley scored Purple 7.5 for what she thought was “a nice job”, while Orange received 6.5 — the “filthy” state of their pantry not helping their cause.

The wheeling and dealing started as the episode came to a conclusion, with Bonham’s scores yet to be revealed.

Agni offered the boys both of their minus-1s to be used against Amy and Stu, in exchange for half the loot.

Amy told the boys to back themselves, then offered them $2000 if they declined Agni’s offer and Yellow won.

Agni countered, offering them one of Orange’s minus-1s for $2000.

Richardson counted down from five for the boys to make their decision.

All will be revealed tonight.