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Wheel clamped but not the feuding

What goes around comes around for the top two teams on TV3 renovation reality series The Block NZ.

Heading towards the Room Reveal climax of week 6 at the Hobsonville Point townhouses site, there’s a growing sense that the competition has become a two-horse race between Gizzy Hard’s Amy Moore and Stu Watts and Orange team’s Claire and Agni.

Team Yellow (Amy and Stu) set the pace in winning the first three Room Reveals but Orange, courtesy of a Yellow DQ and Agni’s wheeling and dealing, won the next two, and have “Clairely” lifted their game.

The friction between the Gisborne “roosters” and the Hamilton “soulmates” has kept the drama-seeking show producers’ mouths watered.

It’s no Hatfield-McCoy feud. But you wouldn’t be locking them in the same room with a couple of baseball bats on the floor — although it’s likely Agni would make Claire roll up her sleeves and do the swinging while he plays on his phone or takes a nap in the corner.

Last night’s episode on a week in which the four teams are working on their outdoor patio areas was dominated by a prank, which only added to Orange and Yellow’s “mutual admiration society” relationship.

Perhaps predictably, it was Stu at the centre of what was essentially a bit of harmless fun.

Site supervisor Peter “The Wolf” Wolfkamp, sick of “people taking liberties” with parking, clamped Yellow’s vehicle. They would be going nowhere until 4.30pm. Or so the Wolf thought.

“There’s no meter maids around here,” said Stu, and “Stu Watts being Stu Watts”, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He jacked their car up, removed the clamped wheel and, “Stu Watts being Stu Watts”, decided to swap it with one from Claire and Agni’s vehicle.

“I don’t like being a part of his naughty antics,” claimed Amy, wearing a Cheshire cat-sized grin.

“In a couple of the other challenges, Orange team stitched us up,” said Stu, “so we thought . . . a bit of karma.”

He completed his Punk’d masterpiece by chalking minus-1 on the road next to the now Claire-and-Agni clamped wheel, a reference to Orange’s Week 5 Room Reveal deal with Purple’s Chlo and Em, which cost Yellow a point and victory.

In discovering what Stu had done, the renamed Peter “Wolf-Clamp” admitted “I may well have under-estimated you” before heading off to break the news.

In contemplating the possible reaction, Stu said “if they are going to sulk over it, sulk over it. I’ll bring you a rag to cry into or blow your nose over. He’s (Agni) been blowing his nose for the last six weeks. I don’t think it’s going to make much difference.”

Orange didn’t sulk, although did once again describe their arch-rivals as “fake”, “childish” and “bitter”, and suggested it opened the door for “pranks moving forward”.

Agni’s physical reaction was to add to Stu’s message, making it “-1 = $2.5k” — the amount of money they pocketed from ther Room Reveal deal that cost Yellow.

“I should have jacked the whole car up on blocks,” Stu later said.

“(But) make sure he’s not asleep in it,” Amy said.

There was a sense of irony at the result of the “game-changer” challenge in which a team member had to catapult a marshmallow into a paper cup attached to the head of their teammate.

Yellow won and collected not only an alarm system and document safe for their house, but a minus-1 to use at a Room Reveal.

In a “Block News” sketch presented by Em, she reported that “Yet again Agni has Claire hard at work doing all the painting” while “the boys (Blue) are still making life very difficult for themselves”.

“And in Block weather, Hurricane Amy and Cyclone Stu are sure to hit hard this week.”

Coverage of site work itself was dominated by the Blue boys’ struggle to install a deck. You wouldn’t want to do Lego with these two, as a job that was estimated would take them three hours turned into well over 20.

There was uncertainty over whether a general invite by Amy to sample some tasty treats sent to her by Gisborne mates was received by all.

The Blue boys got it while Purple and Orange sat together in another house burning Yellow’s ears.

“Amy and Stu are good fun,” said Ben.

“A few Block dramas here and there, but not with us.”

The struggling Blue crew have got enough to deal with.