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Jailed nine months for violent attacks

His partner was not some 18th century property item to be controlled, dominated and dictated to, a man sentenced for family violence was told by a judge.

George Gage Rangihuna, 42, bushman, pleaded guilty to two breaches of a protection order, two charges of assaulting a female, and threatening to kill.

Judge Warren Cathcart jailed Rangihuna for nine months.

During sentencing, the judge remarked on Rangihuna’s treatment of the woman and their children as if they were “18th century property items”.

The charges arose out of two incidents, the first in November last year when the pair were at home together.

Rangihuna overheard the woman talking on her phone about finding a job.

He told her she was “talking s***” and demanded she get off the phone.

“You’re supposed to be scrubbing the walls and ceiling.

“Hurry up you useless b****,” Rangihuna said.

The woman told him to stick it and that he should get a job. As she walked out of the room, their daughter came in.

Rangihuna said to his partner, “you can’t talk to me that way” and whacked her with her phone seven times.

He said, “I got you a job, you useless b****”, then ‘rag-dolled’ her into a wall and punched her shoulders and chest about three times.

She continued to scrub the walls until police arrived.

On bail for that offending (one of the male assaults female charges), Rangihuna then assaulted the woman again in December.

He had been drinking all day at a work break-up function then returned home and began questioning the woman over jealousy issues related to a sentence of community work she had completed.

The woman, who by then had a family violence personal alarm, yelled at him, and told him to “f*** off” and get out.

Rangihuna said, “you push that button and send me to jail, I will come out and kill you”.

He continued to yell at her, punched her in the jaw and to the top of her head.

She fell backward on to a bed. Their children tried to intervene. Rangihuna threatened to do the same to them.

The woman managed to activate the personal alarm and waited outside for police. Rangihuna remained inside. The woman was so dizzy from the assault, she couldn’t walk straight.

For the lead charge — the threat to kill, the judge set a starting point of eight months. There were uplifts of two months for the earlier offence, one month for breaching bail on that offence by associating with the woman again, and one month for his previous relevant convictions (in February and May, last year).

For his early guilty pleas, there was three months discount.