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Trawler Jay Patricia aground near Waiapaoa

A fishing vessel went aground on a sandbar on the city side of the Waipaoa River mouth during the night.

A refloating attempt for the steel-hulled long-liner Jay Patricia was hoped to be made around high tide in the middle of the day, or otherwise on high tide tomorrow.

Eastland Port general manager Andrew Gaddum said the trawler remained upright on the sandbar.

Mr Gaddum said there was no indication any fuel had leaked from the boat.

“We are working with the insurers to see what steps can be taken to refloat the Jay Patricia.”

A bystander at the scene this morning said crew appeared to be still on board.

Owner Tony Magner said from Hamilton this morning the grounding would be investigated.

“We are hoping to make an attempt to get the Jay Patricia off the sand bar at high tide, hopefully using a harbour tug.

“The grounding happened at about 2am today as the vessel was returning to Gisborne from a fishing trip.”

• One person who headed down the beach to look at the stricken vessel this morning ended up getting a vehicle stuck in the sand and had to be towed out.

This picture taken shortly after mid-tide this morning shows the steel-hulled long-liner stuck fast on a sand bar in the surf line on the city side of the Waipaoa River mouth. The Jay Patricia went ashore early this morning and an effort was to be made to refloat it at high tide today.Picture by Paul Rickard