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Theatre repairs could be short-funded

FUNDS set aside for earthquake-strengthening repairs needed for the Lawson Field Theatre might not be sufficient, GDC chief executive Judy Campbell has warned councillors.

The council has set aside $1.1 million for earthquake repairs for the auditorium.

Mrs Campbell said staff were signalling that the investigation work in terms of the strengthening of the building “is not looking good at the moment”.

Preliminary costs from the quantity surveyor had shown there were insufficient funds to even complete minimum earthquake strengthening work.

A paper with full asset condition information, options and costs would be prepared for the council.

“We are just flagging that for you now,” she said.

“No decisions have been made or will be made but because the building has a sticker on it, it will be closed on time and we will bring back to the council a decision-making process when we can.

“The $1.1 million we have put aside does not look like it is enough to repair it but that is just the very early stage.”

The Rose Room was not affected — just the auditorium.

The chairman of the community development committee had held a conversation with stakeholders so they were aware of the situation. The Mayor was asking for a stakeholders meeting.

The building would be closed for daytime use from August 1 because of the demolition of the nearby council offices. It would still be open for night events.

A notice to repair from November 12 had been applied to the auditorium and the building would be closed from that date until repairs were completed, she said.

File photo of Lawson Field Theatre.