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‘Frothing’ to play at Classic

GBA doesn't do things by halves.

Gisborne Basketball Association will have boys' and girls' teams in three age groups — under-11, u13, u15 — along with an u17 boys' crew at the Mel Young Easter Classic in Tauranga, starting tomorrow.

The tournament is being held in multiple venues — Trustpower Arena, the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, Tauranga Boys' College, Aquinas College and Tauranga Intermediate School.

GBA chair Kylie Turuwhenua-Tapsell, 70 players and over 20 support staff will treasure their experience at the largest basketball tournament in New Zealand.

“I'm enthusiastic about our teams having the opportunity to take the court in this big event,” said Turuwhenua-Tapsell.

“They've been working really hard, with focused trainings, and their coaches are keen to see how that work, those hours, translate on the court.

The kids are always frothing to play, test their skills against and connect with other ‘ballers'.”

The last Easter Classic attended by GBA teams was in 2019 and featured 135 teams.

Three of the nine GBA teams won gold.

The seven GBA teams for this weekend's tournament are coached by players of national second-division playing experience, including Rising Suns great Reggie Namana (coach of the u13 girls).

Pool play starts tomorrow.

gisborne teams for easter classic —

Under-17 boys: Jayrus Ruru-Rutene, Seth Miller, Ngaru Grayson, Luka Russell, Michael Hammond, William Collier, Kiwa Ria, Caleb Poole, Seb Wilson.

Under-15 boys: Cody Tarei, Keanu Reedy, Oakley Terekia-Brown, Te Haeora Kerekere-Puke, Tipene Te Rauna-Lamont, Quaydon Chaffey-Kora, Jaiah Garrett-Kora, Jack-John Maurirere, Felix Sparks, Te Kani a Takirau Wirepa-Hei.

Under-15 girls: Te Atahuia Matahiki, Jorja Kepa, Jahleah Morrell, Jamieson Tapsell, Jayla Waru-Reardon, Natasha Porter, Bobbi Crawford, Ohomauri Hailey, Arihia Turei, Ishtar Mackey-Huriwai, Zenda Moeke, Alexander Campbell-Ratapu.

Under-13 boys: Jackson Robin-Smith, Micah Tapsell, Wirihana Papuni-Hohepa, Kelly Paenga-Rangihuna, Jerome Tamatea, CJ Tarei, Whareretimana Nepia, Isieli Kamoto, Auric Pocock, Giovahni Green, Jiraiya Patuwai.

Under-13 girls: Natalie Tarei, Saige Brown, Neveah Smith, Kayla Namana, Kiana Hope, Jorjah Tuapawa, Peyton Thomas-Brown, Kohine Aupouri, Riley Lewis, Ariana Kepa.

Under-11 boys: Noah Fox, Josh Leighton, Sean Mulligan, Reia Paenga-Morgan, Aiziah Craft-Chemis, Cael Neho, Taniora Waitai, Bronx Morice-Munro, Mehaka Pohatu-Chaffey.

Under-11 girls: Kiara Namana, Tutemakoha Kemp, Bailey Garrett-Kora, Bentley Morice-Munro, Peyton Smith, Te Huinga Karauria, Pharah Brown, Indie Nikora, Lischa-Rae Smith.

READY TO PLAY BALL: The Gisborne Basketball Association will have seven age group teams competing at the Easter Classic in Tauranga. Back row (from left) are Reg Namana (u13 girls' coach), Thomas Tindale (u15 girls' coach), Bobbi Crawford, Arihia Turei, Te Atahuia Matahiki, Alex Campbell, Seth Miller, Kiwa Ria, William Collier, Cody Tarei, Ngaru Grayson, TK Wirepa, Sean Pocock (u13 boys' coach) and Albie Nepia (u13 boys' coach). Second row: Te Ohomauri Hailey, Jayla Reardon-Waru, Natasha Porter, Zenda Moeke, Kohine Aupouri, Natalie Tarei, Riley Lewis, Ariana Kepa, Jorjah Tuapawa, Isieli Kamoto, Jerome Tamatea, Kelly Paenga-Rangihuna, Micah Tapsell, Jiraya Patuwai, Jackson Robin-Smith, Giovahni Green, Wirihana Papuni-Hohepa, CJ Tarei, Whareretimana Nepia and Auric Pocock. Front: Jahleah Morrell, Jorja Kepa, Jamieson Tapsell, Tutemakoha Kemp, Bentley Morice-Munro, Te Huinga Karauria, Kiara Namana, Indie Nikora, Kayla Namana, Josh Leighton. Sitting in front are Bronx Morice-Munro and Mia Lewis.