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Golf roundup

Poverty Bay

BRIAN “BJ” Morrissey teed his ball up on the 10th, banged it down the middle, put his second shot to three feet from the pin and slotted the putt for birdie.

It was his first hole of the day and set the tone for the veteran as he added another age-breaking score to his collection on Sunday.

Morrissey, 77, carded 76-9-67 to win the senior men's stableford with 41 points.

It is the seventh time the retiree has equalled or broken his age at the Bay — the first of those on October 1 of 2017, a 1-over 73 at the age of 74.

He has achieved the feat numerous times at his long-time former home course Te Puia Springs, although that is a par-66 layout, and at Patutahi (par-70).

The former Poverty Bay East Coast representative and 2000 East Coast Open champion put his latest age-breaking effort down to the extra summer run on drier fairways.

Those who had the privilege of witnessing it would add it also had plenty to do with his unerring accuracy, a high-quality short-game display, which included bombing a 40-footer for birdie on the seventh hole (his 16th of the round) and a temperament that contrasted starkly with the muggy conditions.

Morrissey, who drives a pimp-my-ride buggy featuring a BRIANM number plate, said he decided to stop swearing on the course five years ago, and had stuck to his vow — no mean feat considering the merciless and sometimes sadistic nature of the game.

Sunday's round was the fifth time in the past few months he has shot his age and there have been several rounds where he has missed out by just one shot.

If he continues his form, it could become standard practice over 2021.

SUNDAY — Men's stableford, division 1: B Morrissey 41, T Sweeney 40, W Mortleman 38, J Van Helden 37.

Division 2: C Simpson 39, R Johnstone 39, P Rickard 37, K Travers 35.

Twos: S Jeune, T Sweeney, B Colbert, D Pirimona.

Approach: G Morley.

SATURDAY —Men's stableford, division 1: F Ball 36, P Clayton 35, A Abrahams 35.

Division 2: D Bush 39, P Goodwin 36.

Twos: G Brown, S Andreassen, B Morrissey.

Approach: P Goodwin.

THURSDAY (Jan 7) — Men's stableford, division1: A Abrahams 39, C Poole 36, F Ball 35, A White 35.

Division 2: J Pittar 43, D Bush 42, B Simpson 41, P Graham 40.

Twos: D Bush, P Graham, B Morgan, J Van Helden, M Thomas, C Christie.

Approach: C Christie.

Te Puia Springs

PETER Harrison put one hand on the Summer Cup men's trophy with his best round in 11 months on Sunday.

The 75-year-old shot 78-18-60 to add the second round honours to his victory in the first round.

It was his first sub-80 score since shooting his age — 73-18-55 — at the Peter Rouse Memorial tournament on February 9 of last year.

Hazel Miratana topped the women's section of the Summer Cup with 88-25-63 — her first round under 90 since May of 2020.

SUNDAY — Summer Cup, second round, net, women: H Miratana 63, I Ngarimu 66, H McClutchie 67, G Roberts 70, R Ngatai 70.

Men: P Harrison 60, T Kupenga 63, R Smith 65, D Cook 65, J Devery 65, J Puha 65, N Dewes 66, I Logan 66, M Higham 67, W Ngata 67, I Sykes 67, K Waitoa 68, H Rasmussen 70, P Savage 70, J Forrester 70.

Twos: J Devery.

COMING UP: SUNDAY, Summer Cup, third round, par competition, follows meeting at 10.30am.


GEORGE Brown and Gary Watson occupied the top rungs of the men's net ladder on Sunday.

Brown's 74-9-65, including a two, was best of the senior division while “Bubba” Watson won the junior division with 87-21-66.

Shelley Robertson's 71 won the women's net.

SUNDAY — Men's net, senior division: G Brown 65, T Green 66, T Brodie 69, H Brown 70, O Willimott 70.

Junior division: G Watson 66, M Smith 68, P Summersby 73, S Eder 73, D Skudder 73.

Women's net: S Robertson 71, J Winiata 73.

Twos: G Brown, S Pohatu, R Pohatu.

FRIDAY — Meat pack 9-hole stableford, senior division: O Willimott 21, P Varey 21, B Cameron 20, B Wallace 20, J Blair 20.

Junior division: C Blumfield 21, M White 20, B Tietjen 20, S Maynard 19, H Humble 19.


TOM Smith and Ella Wynyard set the pace in round 1 of the Summer Cup on Sunday.

Smith overcame a 10 on the par-5 14th hole to win the men's net with 100-30-70 while Wynyard had 13 bogeys in her women's net-winning 87-14-73.

Sunday — Summer Cup, round 1, net, men: T Smith 70, S Te Rito 73, P Milner 76, K Tamanui 78.

Women: E Wynyard 73, A Tamanui-Nunn 84.

Twos: T Brown.

Sunday (Dec 20) — Guys v Dolls, winners: Dolls.

SATURDAY (Dec 19) — Shootout final, overall winner: Percy Milner from Tipi Ruru.

Order of elimination: Claude Ruru, Tama Brown, Craig O'Brien, Margy Tuapawa, Kahu Tamanui, Larry Green, Audrey Tamanui-Nunn, Tom Smith, Ike Ruru, Ella Wynyard, Henry Brothers, Valerie Grace, Tipi Ruru.

COMING UP: SUNDAY, Summer Cup, round 2.

Electrinet Park

WELCOME back Karen.

Karen Hay's first official round since October 30, 2019, was a winning one.

And a fitting victory at that for the most prolific club title winner in Gisborne Park history.

Hay won the second qualifying round of the Agnes Attwood women's matchplay on Sunday with 82-10-72, managing 11 pars in the process.

Roger McGann enjoyed the shorter course in the men's stableford off the women's yellow tees on Saturday. He won with 42 points.

SUNDAY — Men's stableford: J Hayes from M Emery, S Phillips, Z Boyle.

Twos: J Hayes, D Boyle, Z Boyle, M Emery.

Agnes Attwood women's handicap matchplay, qualifying round 2: K Hay 82.

Twos: T Ford.

SATURDAY — Men's yellow tee stableford: R McGann 42, P Wellard 41, R Walford 40.

Agnes Attwood women's handicap matchplay, qualifying,round 1: C Pipi 91.

Twos: T Ford.

COMING UP: SUNDAY, Gisborne Thistle AFC open tournament.