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Local coaches, players get Hurricanes touch

The Hurricanes were in town this week to offer their expertise to the local rugby scene.

Coaching staff, including head coach Jason Holland and defensive coach Cory Jane, spent two days doing seminars and sessions around Gisborne.

They were to travel up the East Coast today for two days to continue their roadshow around Hurricanes territory.

On Wednesday night, 29 coaches attended a coaching seminar where the Hurricanes staff offered insight into the processes they follow.

Holland said it was a refreshing change from regular-season rugby with the pressure of people expecting good results every week.

“We get to come out and talk about the game we love . . . the whole point is just to have a rugby chat, giving them an idea of what we do.

“We love coming to Gisborne . . . we come to communicate and pass on the things we do with the Hurricanes.”

Yesterday they spent the day coaching local high school boys and girls who were selected as prospective high-level players.

The day started with talks on mental skills, nutrition and strength and conditioning theory before a practical session at the gym. After lunch, there was a rugby session, with each of the coaching staff manning one of four stations focusing on different aspects of the game for players to rotate through.

The rugby session was mainly about giving them the opportunity to see what is done at the highest levels, with the coaches quickly running through the drills, which the players could take into their own training.

The participants crammed in as many drills as they could, and it was clear to see the progression gained through the 15-minute session with each coach.

Hurricanes Coaches - Darren Larsen
HURRICANES VISIT: Hurricanes head coach Jason Holland explains aspects of the Hurricanes' way of doing things as defensive coach Cory Jane (centre right) and local prospective high-level players listen. Picture by Paul Rickard