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On the mats: Indoor Bowls news

The ST1 Forestry Tom Duffin Fours was a great success, and the nine-end final was one not to miss.

Warren Gibb, Bruce Easton, Marise Raklander and Kayla Trowell came up against Nathan Trowell, David Lynn, Akuhata Keelan and Lois Lamont.

Trowell's team led 5-2 after four ends. On the fifth end, Keelan was unlucky and killed the kitty, giving Gibb's team two penalty points to close it to 5-4.

Another good effort by Trowell's team on End 6 pocketed one point for them, to make the score 6-4. By End 7, Raklander was firing. She played two nice draw bowls to hold two shots. Lynn got the point back for Trowell's team, only for Easton to play one of his many classy bowls in the game to regain the point. Gibb drew another point and it was 6-6.

On End 8, Gibb's team held shot with Trowell having last bowl. The question was whether to try to get the shot and go one up, giving Gibb the last bowl on the last end, or leave Gibb with one shot, meaning Trowell would get last bowl of the game, which can be crucial. Gibb was left with the point . . . 7-6.

On the last end, Trowell's team held two shots, but then Easton delivered the shot of the day. He played through short bowls, wicked off another bowl, grabbing the kitty on his way through. It looked like Easton's bowl would go off the mat, but it stopped at the edge for the point. Neither Lynn nor Trowell could get the shot bowl off the mat, so Gibb's team won the 90-minute clash 8-6.

This gave Gibb his 21st centre title. The in-form Easton grabbed a record 12th Tom Duffin Fours title and 77th title overall. Raklander, just back from a 22-year break from the game, got classier as the day wore on to pick up her 16th centre title, and Kayla Trowell — whose improvement this year has been outstanding — picked up title No. 3 and her second title all up in 2020.

Trowell's team played Jay Casey, Matthew Foster, Dylan Foster and Mike Foster in the last three teams, and won 12-2.

NAILBITING FINAL: Tom Duffin Fours winners (from left)skip Warren Gibb, Marise Raklander, Kayla Trowell (holding trophy) and Bruce Easton. They won a thrilling final 8-6. Picture by Paul Rickard