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Gisborne - East Coast golf roundup

Poverty Bay

HE doesn't know when his next official game will be but Dave Mettrick won't forget his last one.

Mettrick stormed into the semifinals of the Reynolds Cup top eight semifinals on Saturday.

Eighth and bottom seed Mettrick hit top seed Gray Clapham with the force of a runaway freight train.

Mettrick did not need the one shot he got off Clapham. He won 6 and 5 in what was easily the performance of the day.

Mettrick also comfortably won the division 2 stableford, posting 81-15-66, for 42 points, and he capped his round with a two.

Lying in wait for Mettrick will be Phil Wauchop, who proved too good for Alex Kirkpatrick.

Willie Mortleman had a Jekyll-Hyde of a weekend. He shot 88 on the way to losing his cup match on the 21st to Mark Stewart, then bounced back the next day with 76-10-66, for 42 points, to win the division 1 men's stableford.

It was his best round at Poverty Bay.

SUNDAY — Men's stableford, division 1: W Mortleman 42, M Norman 41, A White 39, S Andreassen 38,

Division 2: L Pollitt 40, R Morley 39, B Cameron 39.

Twos: S Andreassen, T Donovan, A White.

Approach: D Pirimona.

SATURDAY — Men's stableford, division 1: J Situ 33, A Hayward 33, C Christie 32.

Division 2: D Mettrick 42, D Wright 34, R Skuse 34.

Twos: S Andreassen, D Mettrick.

Approach: S Andreassen.

THURSDAY (March 19) — Men's stableford, division 1: P Clayton 38, A Kirkpatrick 37, G Morley 36, V Richardson 36, P Anderson 36, D Griffin 35.

Division 2: G Kemp 39, J Pittar 39, R Owen 38, D Bush 37, M Gemmell 37.

Twos: P Anderson.

Approach: N Mackie.

Te Puia Springs

ONE name rang out at prize-giving for the Te Puia women's open opening day tournament on Saturday . . . Viv Bell.

The Poverty Bay women's club captain won the overall net with a round that ranged from birdies to a quadruple bogey.

She signed for 76-15-61 but her success didn't stop there. Bell also had a two, won one of the approaches and the long drive.

Jim Devery was a clearcut winner in round 2 of the Jo Hale Memorial Trophy series on Sunday.

Devery returned 78-17-61 for the net competition to be three strokes clear of the best of the rest — Kahu Waitoa, Nehe Dews and Pita Moana.

The East Coast men's open scheduled for April 18-19 has been cancelled.

There will be no Sunday club golf until further notice.

SUNDAY — Jo Hale Memorial Trophy, round 2, net: J Devery 61, K Waitoa 64, N Dewes 64, P Moana 64, P Ngarimu 68, D Cook 71, H Miratana 71, G Roberts 71, P Harrison 72, J Babbington-Welch 73.

Twos: D Cook.

SATURDAY — Te Puia women's open opening tournament, net: V Bell 61, G Roberts 64, J Utting 67, H Miratana 67, J Winiata 67, I Ngarimu 68, P Summersby 70, T Duncan 70, E Wynyard 70, M Wesche 70, A Tamanui-Nunn 71, C Wesche 71, H McClutchie 73, W Morrisey 74, L Fletcher 74, A Gemmell 74.

Approaches: V Bell, H McClutchie.

Long drive: V Bell.

Twos: V Bell.

Electrinet Park

PHIL Nepia and Paul Wellard moved into the nationwide lockdown as the last weekend winners for several weeks.

Wellard had a two in his 86-19-67, for 41 points, which won him the men's stableford on Saturday.

Nepia shot 85-16-69 to win the men's net on Sunday.

SUNDAY — Men's net: P Nepia 69, A Pahina 71, J Collier 71.

Approach: G Hill.

Men's best second shot: J Collier.

Women's best third shot: S Paku.

SATURDAY — Men's stableford: P Wellard 41.

Twos: P Wellard, B Reynolds.


A FLOCK of birdies were released by Hukanui Brown as the big boys came out to play on Sunday.

Brown had seven birdies in his 3-under 67-2-65, which won him the senior division of the men's net on Sunday.

Just behind him was Tony Akroyd, who mixed three birdies and three bogeys in his 70-3-67.

Nine-hole regular Colin Kirkpatrick showed he can put it together for 18. He won the junior division with net 64.

SUNDAY — Men's net, senior division: H Brown 65, T Akroyd 66, P Molloy 66, J Brown 69, S Pohatu 69.

Junior division: C Kirkpatrick 64, B Tietjen 65, S Eder 65, M Weaver 66, G Tattersfield 66.

Women's net: H Humble 73.

Twos: P Molloy, G Brown.

FRIDAY — Meat pack nine-hole stableford, senior division: S Pohatu 23, J Brodie 21, D Skudder 21, J Neilson 21, D Russell 20 on c/b from H Harris, P Johnston.

Junior division: G Maude 24, C Tietjen 22, W Bruce 20, N Bunting 20, C Brown 20 from H Humble.


IKE Ruru headed into golfing hibernation in style on Sunday.

Ruru obliterated the course with a men's stableford-winning 46 points, leaving impressive efforts from Uma Chambers (43) and Tipi Ruru (42) in his wake.

The course is closed until further notice.

SUNDAY — Men's stableford: I Ruru 46, U Chambers 43, T Ruru 42, T Smith 37, L Green 37.

Women's putting: V Grace 29, E Wynyard 32, M Tuapawa 32, A Tamanui-Nunn 34.

Twos: A Tamanui-Nunn, E Wynyard, T Ruru.