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Some aspects reinstated


More of the summer game shall be played.

The Cricket Championship begins at 3.15pm today at the Harry Barker Reserve.

The Gisborne Boys' High School-based six-week competition features the Tairawhiti Women's Cricket Club Colts and three teams featuring students of GBHS, Campion College, Lytton High School and Sonrise Christian School in nine-a-side competition.

The three boys' teams are the Life Guards, the Blues and Royals, and the Admiralty.

In a nod to tradition, the 20-over games involving the TWCC to be played on Fridays — and the 30-over games for the all-boys' teams played on Saturdays — certain standard fielding restrictions are in place but out go power plays, free hits, super overs and batting retirements as the game returns as closely as possible to its simplest form for young players.

Those modern additions relating to player safety have been retained but the character-building aspects of cricket — for example, batsmen accepting dismissal rather than being given “lives”, and bowlers having to bowl six legitimate balls an over — are reinstated.


TWCC: Kayley Knight, Rubi Perano, Alyssah Swann, Grace Levy, Grace Kuil, Talia Chetty, Leane Wallace, Claudia Wallace, Joanne Wawatai, Jessica Hayward.

ADMIRALTY: Mohammed Farook, Liam Barbier, Noah Torrance-Cribb, Cory Thomson, Jarrod Ormiston, Gareth Langford, Hamish Swann, Rhys Grogan, Jacob Douglas, Tama Wirepa, Kavidu Vethanage.

GBHS LIFE GUARDS: Luke Fisher, Dylan Foster, Kelan Bryant, George Gillies, Matt van Zyl, Marcus Bull, Adam Situ, DJ Penfold, Dylan Worsnop, David Gray.

GBHS BLUES AND ROYALS: Sebastian Wilson, Jonty Fenn, Braden Sycamore, Alex Shanks, Dylan O'Rourke, John Broad, Muzammil Khan, Bekko Page, Lukas Fry, Daniel Watts.