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Players feel the heat of summer and competition

The past month has been a torrid time for Barry Memorial Croquet Club members — two tournaments were played in temperatures in the mid-30s.

The golf croquet level singles tournament for those on handicaps of 6 and under, played on Auckland Anniversary Day, was close.

Three players ended up with two wins. Rob Hayes, Charles Ostler and Ross Thomson finished in that order, due to the fact that Hayes also had two draws and Ostler, one draw.

All games were close, only one or two hoops being the difference in many games.

On Waitangi Day it was the turn of those on handicaps of 7 and over to do battle.

The winner was Christine McCullough, who won all her games. Some of her wins were finished by the bell, with the scores not complete.

Games were won by the first to 7, with a time limit of 50 minutes.

Runner-up was Jenny Barns-Graham, who only had the one loss to McCullough.

Geoff Harkess, a member for only two weeks and playing in his first tournament, surprised everyone by taking hoops off all the more experienced players. He was pushing David McEwen to 4/6 when the bell rang.

Both tournaments were sponsored by Jenny Virtue from Bronwyn Kay Agency.

In January, the Jenny Virtue Summer Golf Croquet Handicap League began. Players are divided into sections according to handicap.

Ross Thomson won the top section, winning all his games.

In the second section, Jenny Barns-Graham finished in top place and so is playing in the top league this month.

These league games are played to 10 hoops — slightly more than the usual croquet single games.

A time limit does not apply, and several games went for more than 90 minutes before a winner was decided.

The league games are proving useful in giving players match experience before upcoming tournaments in Mount Maunganui and Whakatane.