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Getting it right for the young creates platform for adults

Sport New Zealand’s 2017 participation survey examined how much people take part in sport and why.

Among the findings:

— Young people spend on average 11 hours in 5.4 sports and activities a week while adults average 5.3 hours in 2.3 sports and activities.

— Young people are more likely to participate for fun, and adults for physical well-being.

— Three out of four people aged 15 to 17 want to do more, but other commitments or being busy get in the way. Or they lack energy or motivation. Those themes are also prominent for people aged 18 to 49.

— Most participation is in non-competitive sports and activities.

— Young Maori spend an above-average amount of time on sport.

— The top activity for young people is running. For adults, it’s walking, followed by gardening.

— People living in high-deprivation areas have below-average levels of participation.

— 29 percent of adults exercise for less than 30 minutes a week.

FAMILY TIME: Dale Koia and daughter Rayne last year in Whanau Fun — Swim, Bike, Run! Picture supplied