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A stellar speedway season

Gisborne Speedway Club continues to enjoy a stellar season as the list of New Zealand-numbered cars grows.

On Saturday in the New Zealand production saloon car championships, Dave Gooch and his daughter Crystal Peach earned the 1NZ and 3NZ numbers respectively.

They join saloons 1NZ Ethan Cook, streetstocks 2NZ Brenden Gooch and superstocks 2NZ Peter Rees.

The Professional Fleet Maintenance-sponsored meeting at the Eastland Group Raceway on Friday and Saturday nights produced some outstanding saloon car racing.

Both nights offered plenty of action in the support programme.

The performances of Ethan Cook (1NZ) and his brother Daniel (77G) were particularly eye-catching.

Ethan had his car decked out in its new livery, along with the car trailer.

To mark the occasion he won two of the three saloon races, and Daniel won the other.

The third race was a cracker. Ethan got away from the field after two laps but his brother got through, too, and chased him hard to close it up.

“I’m definitely not over winning that New Zealand title yet,” Ethan said.

“To see that No.1 on my car means so much. I still cannot believe it.”

Mason O’Dwyer (99G), Bryce Harding (79G), Trevor McArthur (128G), Jason Jones (81G) and James Clarke (29G) were the pick of the stockcar drivers.

Hawke’s Bay and Rotorua drivers dominated the youth ministocks, but Seth McKay (46G) kept them honest.

Results —Friday night’s support programme

Streetstocks, Race 1: Brenden Gooch (2NZ) 1, Shaun Kingi (75G) 2, David Hampton (88G) 3. Race 2: Sean Gooch (9G) 1, David Hampton (88G) 2, Brenden Gooch (2NZ) 3. Race 3: David Hampton (88G) 1, Brenden Gooch (2NZ) 2, Sean Gooch (9G) 3.

Ministocks, Race 1: Jyneika Hollis-Peach (321G) 1, Tara Whiteman (81G) 2, Seth McKay (48G) 3. Race 2: Jyneika Hollis-Peach (321G) 1, Seth McKay (48G) 2, Tara Whiteman (81G) 3. Race 3: Tara Whiteman (81G) 1, Seth McKay (46G) 2, Tori Malcom (17B) 3.

Saturday night’s support programme

Stockcars, Race 1: Mason O’Dwyer (99G) 1, James Clarke (29G) 2, Tristan Johnson (17B) 3. Race 2: Bryce Harding (79G) 1, Trevor McArthur (128G) 2, Jason Jones (81G) 3. Race 3: Tristan Johnson (17B) 1, Trevor McArthur (128G) 2, Mason O’Dwyer (99G) 3.

Ministocks, Race 1: Damon Pinkham (43R) 1, Harry Prince (34B) 2, Trent McCann (9B) 3. Race 2: Harry Prince (34B) 1, Thomas McEwan (26B) 2, Damon Pinkham (43R) 3. Race 3: Thomas McEwan (26B) 1, Seth McKay (46G) 2, Trent McCann (9B) 3. Race 4: Thomas McEwan (26B) 1, Damon Pinkham (43R) 2, Ben Downie-Boyte (48K) 3.

Saloons, Race 1: Ethan Cook (1NZ) 1, Daniel Cook (77G) 2, Daniel Wallace (15G), 3. Race 2: Daniel Cook (77G) 1, Daniel Wallace (15G) 2, Paul Habib (7G) 3. Race 3: Ethan Cook (1NZ) 1, Daniel Cook (77G) 2, Paul Habib (7G) 3.

Production saloons top-20 finals, Race 1: Vaughan Cornelius (12N) 1, Crystal Peach (10G) 2, Wayne Warrender (14H) 3. Race 2: David Allan (999E) 1, Tam Clements (24i) 2, Grant Loveridge (7R) 3. Race 3: Wayne Warrender (14H) 1, Dave Gooch (7G) 2, Eddy Frans (151N) 3.

Professional Fleet Maintenance NZ Production Saloons: 7G Dave Gooch (1NZ) 1, 14H Wayne Warrender (2NZ) 2, 10G Crystal Peach (3NZ) 3.

Tier 2, Race 1: David Pilkington (48H) 1, Matt Shultz (46G) 2, Vaughan Glidden (6H) 3. Race 2: Kaylim McNabb (41N) 1, Tanga Walsh (96B) 2, Sean Robertson (16G) 3. Race 3: David Allan (999E) 1, Tam Clements (24i) 2, Grant Loveridge (7R) 3.

Professional Fleet Maintenance Tier 2: Sean Robertson (16G) 1, Matt Shultz (46G) 2, David Pilkington (48H) 3.


NEW ZEALAND’S BEST: It was a great night for Gisborne Speedway Club on Saturday when saloon racer Ethan Cook (1NZ) was named New Zealand saloon car driver of the year and Dave Gooch (1NZ) was named production saloon driver of the year. Cook is pictured here with his car bearing the 1NZG insignia. Gisborne Herald file picture
FIRST AND THIRD: Veteran driver Dave Gooch became 1NZ in the New Zealand production saloon car championships on Saturday, and daughter Crystal Peach took third place. Picture supplied