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Tamaki brings a new congregation to town

The controversial Destiny Church has touched down in town to open a Gisborne chapter.

Destiny Church media liaison Anne Williamson said this morning about 30 members from the church came down from Auckland and a handful from other places around the country for the event outside the Lawson Field Theatre last night.

“We travel the country and do what we call ‘tours of duty' where we hold events to help people and give them entertainment and kai,” said Mrs Willamson.

Destiny Church is no longer just a New Zealand phenomenon but an international one. They have churches all over the country and have branched out to Australia.

The organisation has danced with controversy for years with many criticising the church for taking excessive amounts of money from its members, spreading misinformation about Covid-19 and homophobia.

Brian Tamaki, who now goes by the title Apostle, and his wife Hannah made an appearance yesterday and will be holding an ordination for the two pastors who will run the church.

Mrs Tamaki made headlines last year for making a pitch for parliament starting the Vision NZ party. She received 4236 party votes at the 2020 election or 0.1 percent, failing to meet the 5 percent threshold.

Yesterday they were advertising the social work arm of the church which runs 15-week self-help programmes called Legacy and Man Up.

Mrs Williamson says these programmes have been taken up in countries as far away as Cambodia.

“They are usually run by people who have been through prison, drug abuse, or violence because generally the best people to relate to are the people who have been through, who understand the incredible pressures that come with addiction,” said Mrs Willamson.

“A lot of the people who attend Man Up never actually come to Destiny Church. It's really just our social work arm that is about helping people, which the church pays for.”

Mr Tamaki will be preaching at the church's new location, Destiny Gisborne, in Kaiti Hub tomorrow morning.

SHARING THE WORD: Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki addressing the crowd at Marina Park last night. He and 30 members of the church from Auckland, as well as a handful from other places around the country, are here to open a Gisborne chapter of the church. Picture taken from Facebook

  1. Suzy, Ruatoria says:

    So don’t appreciate the negative connotation to this article…controversial??? I think it’s high time the truth was reported and not someone’s personal view. Truth be told, we are a movement transforming a people, community and nation, a new era on the cutting edge – how exciting building a future and a hope!

  2. James Shelton, Manurewa says:

    As someone who was visiting this church for over a year before I did join, I would recommend people go hear him for yourself. Go and meet and talk with the men and women whose lives have become so much better because of ManUp, Legacy, Destiny… whose families have been made whole. Yes, many of them do tithe, and it’s because they are thankful to be earning honest incomes, to not be losing money on drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc…
    Don’t rely on 3rd party comments, and especially not from those with negative agendas – go see and hear for yourself.
    God bless

    1. Te Huia Pompey, Hamilton says:

      Yes, go and see for yourself. Don’t take it from the opinions of others. It will change your perspective if you go with an open mind and heart.
      A third party view will always give you a third world opinion.

  3. Samuels Desmond says:

    So many negative connotations in this report. One point I will make is Hannah Tamaki n Vision NZ achieved their goal. Their votes kept Labour out of Waiariki. And we have an amazing representative in Rawiri Waititi in Parliament.
    There are no fails in this movement.
    Dumb reporters who are first to complain about negative Maori stats, then first to criticise about Maori who are lifting themselves and others out of poverty, addictions n family dysfunctions. Reporters who keep harping on need to catch up. You’re missing the real story.
    Apostle Brian n Pastor Hannah Tamaki are doing the mahi.