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Family spooked after men caught on film

More people are installing security cameras on their properties or in their businesses to combat crime.

This also means they have evidence to show police if people do break into their properties.

Janine Te Rito has had security cameras at her property for about five years.

What she saw on January 3 made her “really angry”. The cameras at her De Lautour Road home caught two men wandering on to the family's property,

“They came on to our property like they owned the place,” she said. They wandered around and opened the zip of the tent where her 28-year-old daughter was sleeping. They grabbed her head through the tent before they left.

The only thing the two men took was a padlock but it left Janine's family reeling, and feeling unsafe in their own home.

Her daughter's demeanour has not been the same since. She felt violated, said Janine.

Janine has footage of the two men. She said crimes like this were horrible, and increasing, around their area.

“It is happening far too frequently. “The comments I got on my Facebook post from the community is that they are getting more and more pissed off.”

Janine and the police both shared the CCTV images on social media to see if anyone could recognise who the two men were.

Tairawhiti Area Commander Inspector Sam Aberahama said police attended the incident within a few minutes of receiving a call and spoke with the victim.

“The alleged offenders had left the scene.

“Follow-up inquiries were made, including reviewing CCTV footage. While the CCTV footage is not clear enough to identify the two people unlawfully on their property, other inquiries are being made in an attempt to identify them. “Police ask anyone who saw anything suspicious in the Inner Kaiti area in the early hours of January 3 to contact police on 105 and quote file number 210103/1481.

“Additionally, police would like the public's help to identify the two men shown in these images so we can speak to them in relation to this incident.”

Insp Aberahama said Gisborne Police provided a 24/7 service to the public right across New Zealand, and they were always available to assist people who need their help.

He said they were not under-staffed or under-resourced, with 150 people on the police staff, which covered Wairoa, Gisborne and the East Coast.

Property Invasion: Janine Te Rito with one of the security camers she has installed at her property on De Lautour Road. She is pictured in the tent her daughter was sleeping in when two men came on to her property and grabbed her daughter's head through the tent, leaving her daughter shaken and the whole family feeing unsafe. Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. Peter Jones says:

    So why did the police deliberately post unrecognisable images of the perpetrators on FB?

  2. Peter Jones says:

    The police say “if you have additional information ring the 105 number” but when you do, you can hold the phone for 40 minutes and you still get no live police officer to talk to.
    Perception policeman says “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.