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Rere rubbish worries

Locals are concerned the ever-popular Rere Rockslide is turning into a dumping ground.

“Our contractors have been going to Rere every second day clearing broken boards and rubbish,” said Gisborne District Council community assets and resources manager Laird Kennedy.

He understood Rere was a popular spot for locals and visitors but asked people to clean up after themselves and use the bins provided.

Tyre General administrator Dianne McKinnon said they had sold more than 100 inner tubes over the summer holiday break (past two weeks).

“I always ask them, ‘are you going up to Rere?'. And yes, the bulk of them are and they are all so excited.”

She was concerned, however, about what happened to the inner tubes afterwards.

“One option is to sell them to people when they're finished, or pass them on or save them for next year.”

A local told The Herald they had visited the site and were disgusted at the number of broken bodyboards scattered around the slide.

They picked the bits up and put them in the bin.

The Herald visited the attraction on Monday to check for rubbish.

On arrival, we saw a large red skip filled with deflated plastic inflatables, broken bodyboards and general rubbish.

Around the rockslide was a discarded inflatable bed, a colourful collection of single jandals and a little rubbish, but otherwise it was clean and tidy.

A swathe of “sliders” were enjoying themselves.

Hastings woman Leah Woods, accompanied by her husband and four children, loved the place.

“We tried to come last year but the weather turned on us and we missed it, but this is beautiful,” she said.

Her family read about the rockslide online. They bought some items from The Warehouse for the trip but some had already broken.

Asked if she would consider a rental service for higher quality gear, she said it was a good idea.

“The convenience would be easier for those of us who are just coming up for the day.”

That was echoed by a group of five people spoken to who bought cheap boards for the slide, rather than having to fork out up to $100 for good ones.

“It would be good if we could hire out the mean ones with the smooth bottoms,” said one of the group.

While the slide continues to be popular, the water quality can deteriorate.

People can check the quality and safety of waterways on the Land, Air, Water Aotearoa website.

Rere Rockslide has a long-term grade of “poor”.

LAWA reports that “water quality of this site is generally poor with frequently high levels of bacteria that exceed the swimming health guidelines”.

The water was last sampled on January 7 and was rated “suitable for swimming”.

THE ROCKSLIDE'S own SKIP: Cheap gear broken and discarded by visitors to the Rere Rockslide. Contractors are clearing the rubbish every second day.
Rere Rockslide - Zoe Braddock (Manurewa)
CATCHING AIR: Kya Woods (6) from Hastings gets some air at the Rere Rockslide. All pictures by Liam Clayton
Rere Rockslide - Justin Gong 7 yrs
Rere Rockslide - Jack Woods 12 (Hastings)
DO IT LIKE THIS: Kim Yang shows his daughter Jia Jia Yang (10) the art of the slide.
HOLIDAYMAKING: Jeff Pai and Yvonne Pai from Auckland take a relaxed approach to rock sliding.
HOLD ON: Larissa Perry from Auckland holds tight as she gains speed.