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Grant will pay boxing club coach, manager

Patu Tahi Boxing Gym has been awarded $20,000 from the NZ Community Trust (NZCT) to cover the salaries of its head coach and operations manager over the next three months.

The club has operated voluntarily but recent expansion has resulted in a significant increase in its workload.

Head coach Kim-Maree Larby said having funding for a dedicated coaching role meant she had more time to upskill fighters and her coaching.

“All the time and coaching has been contributed voluntarily because we have a passion to see the kids in our region have the best resources at their fingertips.

“This funding will help us to continue our mahi (work) towards one of our core values, which is to help transform the lives of young people in our community to become positive young athletes with confidence, resilience, self-esteem and humility through learning the sport of amateur boxing.

“With dedicated time and funding put towards the role, we will now have the time to manage upwards of 30 kids and five coaches, training camps, sparring days, tournaments and travels.”

Operations manager Kylie Kahukiwa said the club decided at their AGM last year to apply for funding.

She was working an average of 30 hours per week in her role, and the club's membership fees are used to cover business expenses.

“Those who can pay fees do. Money shouldn't be a barrier to training.

“We charge the fees, so they feel committed. When you pay for something, you are more likely to be invested.”

NZCT is the largest gaming trust in the country.

Kahukiwa said the process unfolded much faster than the club expected and had asked the trust to withhold the money until they reopened after Christmas, but were told that they would have to spend it within the next three months.

“Funding these roles means that the development of boxers and growth the club is experiencing among the tamariki and rangatahi in the local community will be sustained,” said NZCT in a statement.

GOOD NEWS: Patu Tahi Boxing Club have been awarded $20,000 from NZCT for three months of salary for operations manager Kylie Kahukiwa (left) and head coach Kim-Maree Larby. Picture supplied