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‘She could have died’

Investigation under way after woman jumps from first-storey window at Gisborne Hospital.

Gisborne Hospital has confirmed an investigation is under way after a woman jumped from a first storey window in the medical ward, then dragged herself to the emergency department for treatment.

It is about a four-metre drop.

The incident is reported to have happened some time between 11.30pm on Monday night and 3am on Tuesday morning.

The woman was flown to Waikato Hospital yesterday with back injuries and a broken ankle.

The woman's partner spoke to a reporter at Stuff.co.nz but was not named.

Her partner told Stuff they would be making a formal complaint to Hauora Tairawhiti district health board.

“It's going to take me a long time to get the image of my partner in the dark, standing on the ledge, scared and alone and having to jump to get away.

“I thought she would be under observation . . . it could have been avoided, it should have been avoided.”

Her partner told Stuff they believed the woman, who was on steroid medication, was in a confused state and trying to escape.

“She could have died,” her partner said.

“They (the hospital) should be dotting their i's and crossing their t's at every point and turn, and checking regularly on patients . . . my partner's been let down.”

Her partner believed hospital staff knew she was in an erratic state and the door to her room should have been left open.

Hauora Tairawhiti clinical care manager Kate Mather said an investigation was under way.

“We will be responding to the family with the results of our investigation and actions.”

FOUR-METRE FALL: A patient pried open the window from one of these first-floor rooms, on the right, at Gisborne Hospital and jumped four metres to the ground. The woman suffered back injuries and broke her ankle in the fall. She dragged herself around 200 metres to the hospital's emergency department. Picture by Liam Clayton
Gisborne Hospital Wards

  1. Garry Prosser, Tauranga says:

    I can understand how this person feels in regards to his partner, ìf it’s the department I think it is it is poorly run.
    Past experience with my son.

  2. Hazel Tata, Dunedin says:

    I truly believe that this is wrong, that this has happened to your Partner. But I don’t believe, that all the blame should go to the staff at the Tairawhiti Hospital. The staff (Doctor’s and Nurses) are very busy and probably unable to be with your partner 24/7.
    If your partner was this bad, why didn’t you or someone from your families sit with her?
    I truly don’t believe all the blame should go to the Doctor and Nurses at the Tairawhiti Hospital.

    1. Pamela Crawford says:

      While I agree not all the blame should go to Hauora Tairawhiti, I think your request for family to sit with her is a bit unrealistic. Firstly, she was in the care of Hauora Tairawhiti, who should have provided a high level of care. Remember, this happened between 11.30 pm and 3 am in the morning, most people are asleep at this time and you expect family to sit with her all night?. Secondly, staff should have left her door open.

  3. Bernie Kaa says:

    Read between the lines people, you are not the investigators. Hauora Tairawhiti has always maintained a high standard of care towards all its patients. Some would say never believe what you read if you don’t know the truth of the matter.
    Shame on you people for advertising such absolute nonsense. Unless you were there at that time or throughout this ordeal, please stop making judgement on something you know nothing about…Love being part of the team at Hauora Tairawhiti.

    1. Mike Loftus says:

      I commend your standing up for your employer Bernie but just like the rest of us, they can make mistakes. One was made this time and as a result, a patient was seriously hurt. The only shameful act here would be to try to ignore it when we should be preventing anything similar happening again. Thank God Ward 5 is on the first floor and not the second or the outcome would have been very different.