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For the silent majority

WHY do I want to be on the council?

If I can be honest, it is a good little earner.

Poverty has me in its grasp, as I have bought a house in town.

Paying a high price for that I could do nothing about, BUT I can try to do something about the large future rate increases I can see coming. Voters should know I have previously stood for the city ward.

Received 3240 votes, not sufficient.

The main problem was that most voters knew I did not live in the city.

They knew I lived in my fishing lodge at Motu, or there were more qualified candidates. (For what I don't know)

I now live in the city.

I do actually have considerable meeting experience, having in the past chaired a New Zealand tourism association with up to 180 members, for 25 years.

I know how to get items that would interest most ratepayers and residents on to agendas, and as I am not shy, I will speak out on matters that need addressing — a voice for the silent majority, which in my opinion has not happened enough with some of the decisions already made.

I do realise “you can't unring a bell” but I am aware of some future items I would really like to have my say on — also some ongoing issues that really need sorting.

A classic example would be the wastewater/sewerage problem.

This has generated, with consultants and special committees reports, enough paper to service every town dunny and rural longdrop for future generations, and it is still not sorted.

I once did a contract for council (cruise ships).

I did that on time and within budget.

frank murphy