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Moving house

Months of planning came to the fore yesterday as Britton’s Housemovers successfully relocated a house from Tiniroto Road to a kiwifruit orchard on MacLaurin Road in Hexton.

Britton Housemovers Hawke’s Bay/East Coast branch manager Elwyn Fryer said the four-hour move had been in the planning since the Covid lockdown.

“We had to cut it into three sections and lower part of the roof but it was still too high and the power board had to come and cut some power lines but it all went pretty smoothly.”

The house sections are pictured above going through the roundabout and on to Waipaoa Bridge, and below, moving along the Tiniroto Road towards the roundabout.

The crew is spending another two days putting the house back together.

IN PIECES: The three sections of a Tiniroto Road house are transported by truck towards the Waipaoa Bridge roundabout, destined for MacLaurin Road at Hexton.Pictures by Liam Clayton
EASY DOES IT: The transported house is carefully driven through the Waipaoa Bridge roundabout.
NEW HOME FOR AN OLD HOME: An old villa is transferred from Tiniroto Road to MacLaurin Road in sections on the back of Britton Housemovers trucks.