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Tolaga Bay march held to honour missing woman

A peaceful march was held today as a way of honouring Jamie Kaiwai, who has been missing for the past year.

Jamie was last seen walking on the beach near Tolaga Bay Wharf on the night of October 11.

Her cousin, Jonique Oli-Alainu'uese, has never given up hope of finding her, and to mark the one-year anniversary she organised a march in Tolaga Bay today.

“It stands as a reminder that we're still here and we're still fighting,” said Ms Oli said.

“I didn't think a ceremony was enough on its own.”

Jamie's story had touched the hearts of many across the nation, she said.

“I still get messages from strangers telling me that they think of her often.”

More than 50 people turned up this morning to join the march, she said.

“She was loved by so many people. This year has been a blur for our whanau. It's the not knowing.

“It's not having closure. It's the longing for her.

“I promised I would fight for her to the very end and that's exactly what I'll do. It's what we do for the ones we love,” Jonique said.

Those who attended gathered first at the wharf a karakia.

Jonique said she would be there earlier if anyone wanted to catch up with her.

From the wharf they were to move to the kohanga in Tolaga Bay.

The march was to start at the kohanga and go past the Tolaga Bay Inn, as there were a lot of kaumatua wanting to join the walk.

■ If you have any information on Jamie, contact police on 105, quoting job number 191014/3116.


  1. W Smiler says:

    It was quite sad not seeing any media representatives from The Gisborne Herald yesterday. Not one photographer. Jamie is still missing to this day and we need as much coverage on her story as possible to try to find out more to her story and what happened to her. She matters too! I bet you if she was Pakeha, you would have been there to cover the story. Very disheartening.

    1. Tracy Livingstone, Taupo says:

      That is disappointing that no media covered such an important march.
      They had huge marches all over the country when the girl Millane was killed and media were all over that like a rash . . . our wahine lives matter too

  2. Helen, Kawerau says:

    I hope and pray one day soon Jamie will be found. I congratulate you on your love and hard work to find Jamie – I am sending you my love and pray we find her soon. God bless you and peace be with you now and forever ❤️

  3. Kiri, Wairoa says:

    There’s always hope and I pray for her safe return. Please lord bring her home to her whanau 💌💜🤍