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Climbed over rocks after motor fails

In a second diving incident at the weekend, also in the Tatapouri area, two men were gathering kaimoana on Saturday afernoon when the boat they were using dragged its anchor and the motor would not start.

One of the men was some distance from the craft and opted to climb over the rocks to shore rather than swim back to the boat.

But his companion lost sight of him, became concerned and used a cellphone to call for help.

In the meantime the other diver flagged down a passing boat, was picked up and the pair were reunited.

Then they got the boat started and returned to shore.

Sergeant Greg Lexmond said as it turned out there was no need to mount a rescue.

“It was a case of inexperience on their part.

“Divers need to be aware at all times of where their diving companions are, and where their craft are.”