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Music festival starts tonight

I am a bit disappointed that The Gisborne Herald, usually so supportive of the local arts, has not deemed it worthy to include a story about the Spring Music Festival taking place in St Andrew's church tonight, Friday 7-9pm and from 9am-9pm tomorrow. It is organised in lieu of the Gisborne Competitions which has been running at this time of year for over 100 years, but this year was scuppered by Covid restrictions, as was so much else.

Over 100 music students and groups have entered the festival, which will be a feast of music from music students of all ages and stages and several musical disciplines: piano, brass, woodwind, voice, strings. Former local and nationally-recognised musician Roy Tankersley is coming, not to adjudicate, but to provide feedback, and every performer will receive a report on their performance, and a participation certificate.

As listed in the Gig guide in The Guide and the Weekender listing, entry is $5 for one session, $10 for a season pass and $15 for a double season pass. Children free.

Dubbed the “Non-comps” the event has been organised by the Gisborne Music Teachers group with help from several local businesses and individuals who normally sponsor the Comps, and we are grateful to them for their support which has made it possible.

Catherine Macdonald

Secretary, IRMT Gisborne Music Teachers' Group

Footnote from Ed: The Spring Music Festival was previewed in an article on August 13 but, yes, it should have been promoted again with a further article this week. It is worth noting that The Gisborne Herald is a long-time sponsor of the Comps, and is among the sponsors of this year's music festival.

Best wishes to all the young musicians taking part tonight and tomorrow.