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‘Verging on the ridiculous’: Tapsell

National Party East Coast candidate Tania Tapsell has labelled the Government's $45 million funding proposal for a barging facility at Hicks Bay and Te Araroa as “vote-buying verging on the ridiculous”.

“This ad-hoc approach of spending money is wasting $45 million that could be better spent on services and roading infrastructure for the East Coast,” she said.

“East Coast locals are concerned about their jobs, about whether they will be able to keep working, pay their bills and support their families,

“If Labour and NZ First really wanted to create jobs they would realise a port at Hicks Bay isn't a priority for locals and focus on growing our local economy.

“This latest $45m promise is verging on ridiculous, with locals and senior councillors criticising the government promise.

“It's been made very clear that the port is not wanted or suitable for the East Coast.

“This is just like Labour's promise last election for a $20m prefabricated housing factory. Once elected, no one ever spoke of it again and the housing crisis in Gisborne has got worse.

“The $20m promised for the desperately needed drug and mental health facility in Tairawhiti has also not eventuated.

“Investment is needed in the East Coast but there are far more urgent priorities such as upgrades to our roads and an urgent solution for our housing crisis in Tairawhiti.”