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On the street . . . vox pop

How do you feel about the region going into Covid-19 Alert Level 2?
Sienna Rare: “I think it’s all right at the moment but I don’t want to go to Level 3. I was not expecting it and found out by the alert text.”
Shirley Scott: “ It’s okay if it’s going to get us back to where we were before.”
Minseo Kim: “It’s all right. My country South Korea is in a much worse situation. I was prepared for it.”
Maraea Rangihuna: “It’s going to suck if we go back into lockdown and it’s gutting because we were just starting to get into our sport again. It was a big shock.”
Linda Isherwood: “It’s fine — I think it was always going to happen.”
Jullian Ramsey: “I’m not happy it happened but it was bound to with all the people coming back from overseas.”
Amy Doyle-Eruera: “So far so good but I was surprised by the news.”
Alisha Scott-Rogers: “I wasn’t surprised but it is disappointing.”