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On the street

“Are you prepared for a cashless society?”

Robyn Eccles-Smith: “Definitely not. You can’t put air in a piggy bank and it really helps teach children.”
Peter Eccles-Smith: “I don’t want a cashless society. I like cash and I still use cash.”
Murray Henare: “No problem. I live up the coast and we pretty much already operate like that. I feel quite comfortable about it.”
Mary Staley: “I don’t want a cashless society. Why would you use a card to pay for something that costs $3? And it’s not always convenient.”
Malacho Ria: “No, I use cash just to give other people and the homeless in the streets, and what would happen to all those cash jobs?”
Kath Hulston: “Well, I suppose I’m prepared. I’m retired now.”
John Forde: “Yes, I use very little cash.”
Ella-Rose Kirkbridge-Keogh: “No, I’m pretty much just cash. I don’t have a phone, I don’t have electricity. Life is about the flow and with these smartphones we are directing our lives. I’m not keen on it at all.
Dan Manson: “Yes, I’m already mostly cashless. I have my smartphone and use contactless paying but a lot of places don’t have contactless systems.”
Angela williams: “No, I use cash a lot. I like to have cash on hand, it’s handy to buy things like raffle tickets and it’s simple.”