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New kid on the farm block

A baby goat abandoned on the side of a road has become a bunk buddy with an orphaned lamb.

The kid, called Geo, was found on Gaddums Hill by Bensons Auto Clinic owner Andie Clark, who noticed a kennel on the side of the road a few days ago. She saw the baby goat standing next to the kennel and decided to help it.

“Mum turned up at the workshop with the goat under her arm and looking perplexed as to what she had just found,” said Sara Andrew, Andie's daughter and the parts assistant at Bensons.

The staff all pitched it to look after Geo. She was given a warm bottle of goat's milk and they made up a little bed for her.

They noticed injuries on her face and ears.

“It looked like she might have been attacked,” Sara said.

Sara got in touch with farming friend Nicole Timpany to see if she would adopt Geo.

Nicole has experience hand-rearing orphaned lambs on her farm.

“She was more than happy to help out,” Sara said.

Geo was given antibiotics for her injuries and was recovering nicely.

“She's happy-as living on the farm.”

BEING LOOKED AFTER: Maddilyn Timpany is pictured here with Bree, an orphaned lamb, and Oliver Timpany is with Geo - the abandoned goat. Bree and Geo are now happy living on the Timpany's farm and are 'happy as'. Pictures supplied
BEST BUDS: Oliver Timpany holds Geo alongside her new bunk buddy - Bree the lamb.