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Ship’s crew allowed ashore

CREWMEN from the log boat docked at Eastland Port were seen yesterday walking into the city and while it raised a few eyebrows, they were allowed to come ashore.

An Eastland Port spokeswoman said this morning that all ports in New Zealand have followed strict protocols for the management of ships crew under the current Covid-19 situation.

“Under Alert Level 2, ships' crews are allowed shore leave.

“Ships visiting have observed a 14 day quarantine period, at sea, while travelling to New Zealand,” she said.

“Additionally, all vessels are required to submit health declarations for all crew before they are granted permission to enter the port.”

  1. Tom Wilkie, Te Puia Springs says:

    Why are they not tested before disembarking?

  2. Doug Smith says:

    Since Cook, ships’ crews have brought repeated waves of devastating infections to Aotearoa. Fourteen days or more at sea did not prevent this, and it won’t now.

    Fourteen-day quarantine only works if infected crew are isolated from each other, otherwise chains of onboard transmission will extend far beyond 14 days. For example, a crew of just five, with one asymptomatic infected person on departure, could allow another asymptomatic infected person to disembark up to 70 days later. These extended chains of transmission have happened repeatedly in history, and most recently on cruise ships.

    The apparently reckless decision to allow hundreds of ships’ crew members from high-risk areas to freely disembark at ports throughout the country, without any testing, is the weakest link in our border protection – placing the whole nation’s public health, mental health and economy at risk.

    This is reckless, and heads will roll and reputations will be lost if Covid returns to our shores this way.

  3. Doug Smith says:

    Do New Zealand public health officials really think the crew of foreign vessels will have the same values and concerns as Kiwis do regarding preventing COVID-19 in our country? Should there be doubts about whether they can be trusted to properly monitor and report on health and safety of crew? Consider the credible reports of foreign commercial boats mistreating crew and violating basic human rights:

    For information about COVID-19 transmission aboard cruise ships, see:

    Risk to public health and reputations from outbreak due to disembarkation of Ruby Princess: