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Gisborne District Court news

A man who was reported to Hastings police by his nana after he scared her with verbal threats has since moved to Gisborne and is receiving much better support for his mental health issues, Gisborne District Court was told.

Tarquin Stacy Raika-Pere, 20, pleaded guilty to two charges of threatening to kill and a charge of doing a threatening act.

Judge Turitea Bolstad adopted a recommendation by the Probation Service to extend an existing period of intensive supervision by 18 months.

Raika-Pere will remain subject to judicial monitoring, which was attached to a term of previously-imposed intensive supervision.


A man with 19 previous convictions for driving while disqualified pleaded guilty to two more.

Christopher Adam Bennett, 29, was further remanded on bail for sentence on June 23.

Counsel Mana Taumaunu told the court Bennett recently got his full licence back. He intended to apply at sentencing for a community-based sentence in lieu of further disqualification.

A pre-sentence report canvassing all sentencing options was ordered.


Kara Leigh Horiana Moir, 28, who previously pleaded guilty to driving in breach of a zero-alcohol licence (285 micrograms), was granted an application under Section 81 of the Land Transport Act to avoid mandatory disqualification due to special circumstances.

The charge resulted in a third drink-drive conviction for Moir.

That was serious Judge Bolstad said. People went to jail for third time drink-drives.

She imposed nine months intensive supervision.

The sentence was suitably punitive and would allow Moir to address personal and health issues that led to her offending, the judge said.


Jasmine Atarea Tiopira, 22, admitted a third driving while disqualified offence and applied for a community-based sentence in lieu of further disqualification.

Counsel Jackie Van Schalkwyk conceded the offence was aggravated — Tiopira was not wearing her seatbelt when stopped.

Nonetheless, Tiopira's responsibility for three young children — one of whom has a health issue — and her lack of daily support with transporting them, warranted the reprieve from further disqualification, Ms Van Schalkwyk said.

For the offence, Judge Bolstad imposed two months community detention, with an additional month in lieu of the disqualification, and a further two weeks to cover Tiopira's outstanding fines debt (about $1500), which was cancelled.


Terangi Rere Huia Tiopira, 22, admitted driving while her licence was suspended and applied for a community-based sentence in lieu of further disqualification.

Judge Bolstad said this was a second such offence for Tiopira, the last being in 2017.

Counsel Dr Kai-Cheung Leung cited Tiopira's pregnancy and obligations to a pre-schooler.

She was already of limited financial means and would be more so when her baby was born.

For the offence, the judge imposed a $150 fine, waiving a court fee that would normally attach.

She imposed six months supervision in lieu of further disqualification.