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2018 flood fallout continues

Two years after the devastating flood events of Queen's Birthday Weekend at Tolaga Bay, beach-goers are having to put up with logs and debris cluttering a large section of the shore.

“For the township there remains the unpleasant sight of partially-burnt debris on the beautiful beach of Tolaga Bay,” Tawhiti - Uawa ward councillor Pat Seymour said.

“While the forestry contractors and companies were quick to respond at the time (Queen's Birthday Weekend, 2018) and piled up the debris ready to be burned, some of that burn was still to happen 15 months after the event when the timber had dried.

“Then along came the fire ban of early summer and that lasted through to just a few weeks ago, so there is more debris to be cleared or burn on the beach.

“The significant impact is a very real reminder that practises need to be closely monitored but also that none of us can control the exact location of a substantial rainfall event.”

Gisborne District Council confirmed logs strewn across a stretch of the beach (from the river mouth to the surf club) of the beach this week was due to events going back two years.

“Dr Murry Cave inspected the catchment on Monday and did not observe any logs coming down river,” said a district council spokeswoman. “His observations at the beach indicated that they were logs from 2018 and the October 2019 storm that had been remobilised.

BLIGHTED: Debris from flood a storm events in 2018 and 2019 still litter Tolaga Bay Beach. Pictures by Liam Clayton

  1. Dave says:

    How about instead of stargazing, the council and forestry companies clean the beach up. Both are at fault. The users of that beach deserve better. Can the council now confirm it is checking off the forestry sites that are/have been cleared so that this does not happen again?