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Warning signs up after discharge of raw sewage

TEMPORARY health warning signs have gone up at key aquatic recreational locations in the city in the wake of Monday's raw sewage discharge into the Turanganui River.

Gisborne District Council contractors opened the emergency sewer valve at the Gladstone Road bridge at 2pm on Monday afternoon after large amounts of surface flooding in parts of Kaiti.

“The manhole in the road at the corner of Wainui and Hirini Street was bubbling so to avoid sewage from overflowing back into homes and on to the roads, the valve at the Gladstone Road Bridge was opened,” the council said.

“It was closed again at 6am yesterday morning and the discharges of sewage stopped.

“The discharge was diluted by stormwater but contact with the waterways may be a risk to health.

“We advise no swimming, fishing or shellfish gathering in the river or beach until at least five days after it has stopped raining and the warning signs have been removed.”

  1. Dave says:

    Why is this not a priority for the council over bridges to nowhere and upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant? How much longer must we put up with this? It has been happening for over 40 years in various parts of the city. These waterways are used on a daily basis. Simply not acceptable.