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Prison warning for recidivist shoplifter

A woman with 10 previous convictions for shoplifting was warned in district court by Judge Warren Cathcart that she could expect to be jailed for any similar reoffending.

Munokoa Ema Ngarimu, 27, was sentenced to four and half months home detention with six months standard and special post-detention conditions after pleading guilty to two shoplifting offences.

The lead charge involved theft of items valued at $1041 from a homeware store. The other charge related to $175 worth of goods Ngarimu stole from a dairy.

She was ordered to make reparation in full for the items, none of which were recovered.

Judge Cathcart told Ngarimu the sentence was designed to stop her reoffending.

“The last thing I want to do is send you to jail but do this again and I will,” he said.