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Call for more action on wandering stock issue

A Rangitukia woman has made a strong call for more to be done by the district council to deal with wandering stock on parts of the East Coast.

The most recent incident was on Wednesday morning when a log truck hit a cow on State Highway 35 near Te Puia Springs.

“The truck sustained moderate damage and the driver was a bit battered and bruised,” the woman said.

“There was another incident in February when a log truck sustained $50,000 damage after hitting a cattle beast just outside Tikitiki.”

She contacted the council every two to three days about roaming stock on the Coast highway, she said.

“It's ridiculous up here. When are the farmers going to take responsibility for their animals?

“We have had multiple incidents where vehicles have hit stock and there's nothing being done.”

The situation was particularly bad between Tikitiki and Ruatoria, and from Ruatoria to Waipiro Bay, she said.

“Those are the high incident areas.”

The council only had animal control staff in Te Puia these days, she said.

“They cannot get to wandering stock incidents in time from there.

“We've offered to help and volunteer to move stock off the road.

“We've made that offer to the council but we don't know what powers we have to do so.

“We are concerned about what the outcome would have been in these recent incidents . . . if it had been a car involved instead of a truck.”