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Charged after spitting at cop

A police officer was allegedly spat at in the face last night when he attended a family harm incident in Gisborne. A “grossly intoxicated” woman has been charged with assault.

It happened at around 9.45pm when police were called to a house in the city.

“It has been alleged the woman, aged 21, spat into the officer's face,” Inspector Lincoln Sycamore said.

“The woman, who was grossly intoxicated, has been charged with assault on police and wilful damage, after she kicked a police car door,

“Her behaviour was absolutely disgusting.”

The woman was due to make an appearance in the Gisborne District Court today.

The health authorities have made it very clear that Covid-19 is transmitted person-to-person by droplets expelled through the nose and mouth.

Police have said such behaviour against their staff will not be tolerated because it puts their officers more at risk of catching the virus.

“It's not just the Covid-19 virus, it's hepatitis, or any underlying health condition that can be transmitted through body fluids.” Inspector Sycamore said.

“Why should our staff have this happen to them at any time, let alone now at this time of crisis, when we're trying to provide service to the community.

“There is no suggestion the woman arrested last night is Covid-19 positive.”

The woman spent the night in the Gisborne Police Station cells.

Police patrols continue around the region as officers check on travel movements associated with the lockdown.

Yesterday afternoon police arrested two men aged 27 and 18, in separate incidents, for breaches of the Covid-19 rules.

Since the lockdown started police have taken an educational approach to the lockdown rules, advising people what they should and should not be doing as part of the current crisis.

“The men, who are not known to each other, had received prior warnings for their behaviour over the past week and yet chose to continue to breach the rules,” Inspector Sycamore said.

“We cannot overstate the importance of abiding by the lockdown rules.”

He said the main breaches police have detected relate to members of different “bubbles” congregating, and travelling together.

“The two men arrested yesterday received written warnings and were released without charge. “If they come to our attention again they will be prosecuted.”

  1. Dave says:

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour. All because of alcohol. So you can’t swim, surf, go too far, but you can get drunk and cause all sorts of issues. The sale of alcohol should have been limited, but no, the liquor giants would not allow this to happen. I feel sorry for the police who have, no doubt, had to deal with a lot more domestic incidents.