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Controlled burn

The towering plume of smoke in the sky west-southwest of the city yesterday came from a major controlled burnoff of grass and scrub in a land clearing operation on Tukemokihi Station, inland from Whakaki.

“It involved the clearing of 45 hectares of land to be resown in new grass,” said Wairoa deputy district principal rural fire officer Tim Allan.

“There was a lot of smoke generated but the burnoff was fully under control. It was a spectacular volume of smoke but there was absolutely no risk.”

Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. TANYA says:

    Maybe there needs to be a bit of education about what ‘scrub’ really is. It is native vegetation, usually kanuka. Untold millions of native birds, lizards and insects call this habitat home; they are incinerated instantly.
    Those plumes of smoke are full of them; 45 hectares razed in a day.
    Thousands of acres are sprayed then burned every year in this region, it is fully accepted, people rejoice at the big fires without giving any thought to what it means.
    Given the crisis our wildlife is in it is quite simply mind-boggling that this is signed off by our govt departments.
    Maybe The Herald could do some info articles on what people are killing when they do this in the name of grass. Forest and Bird might like to help.
    It is not OK!

  2. Dave says:

    Is it not way past time that burnoffs were stopped? Not good for our environment or for the creatures that live in the scrub.