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Across the sky

A jet liner flying what appeared to be an unusual pattern caused apprehension over Gisborne at around 6pm yesterday. It was seen just hours before the nation went into Covid-19 lockdown mode and minutes before a national Civil Defence text message alert.

The craft flew a swooping semi-circle before heading off, leaving a criss-cross pattern of contrails (condensed water) in the sky.

However, when contacted by The Gisborne Herald, Air NZ said the actions were normal practice.

“This aircraft has undergone maintenance and is completing what's known as a proving flight before it returns to service. This is in line with normal process.”

Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. David Jackson says:

    Bollix. If it were normal then we would see it all the time. I have a hunch Brenton Tarrant said to the officials – you fly me around David Jackson where he lives and Il’l plead guilty. And of course “given the planes not doing anything and what it is worth to them compared to the cost of a trial it would be far cheaper for them to do that”. This is only my hunch given the Brenton Tarrant guilty plea next day and the timing of the whole thing – lockdown included. Planes don’t fly over conventional day-to-day sheep – who are all over the country, let alone all around the world. There is more reason to suppose Air NZ’s excuse, which has all the hallmarks of “starve him of oxygen” media suppression {directly referring to me and media shut down} and SIS suppression.