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‘We need to lead in a time of crisis like this’: Mayor

Gisborne District Council has stepped up an emergency committee to be able to make urgent decisions relating to the region in the wake of Covid-19.

An extraordinary council meeting held yesterday approved the establishment of the emergency committee.

That emergency committee comprises Mayor Rehette Stoltz, deputy chairman Josh Wharehinga and one core committee chair whose portfolio aligns to the matter of urgency.

If that person is not available, then it would fall back to other core committee chairs of Andy Cranston, Amber Dunn, Larry Foster or Pat Seymour.

Mayor Stoltz said it was important the council had the power to make decisions with urgency in such unprecedented times.

“We need to lead in a time of crisis like this.”

“This can give certainty to the community that we are able to act immediately. As a council, we are well prepared and have the right processes in place to ensure the best interests of the community are undertaken at all times.”

Part of the adoption yesterday included increased financial delegation for chief executive Nedine Thatcher Swann for unanticipated expenditure, including emergency capital purchases like generators.

All other council committees and decision-making bodies are suspended until further notice, as is any non-urgent council work.