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On the street - vox pop

What do you think about the Gisborne District Council wanting to increase rates by 6.4 percent for 55 percent of ratepayers? The other 45 percent, mostly rural ratepayers, face a less than 5% increase.
Paul Brodin: 'I'm fine with it as long as the city and facilities we use are improved and (they)fix infrastructure.'
Jess Waide: 'I don't think it's fair. My mum won't be happy about it.'
Michelle Rennie: 'I think we already pay enough rates. They don't need to increase it.'
Andrew Appleby: 'Why? What has all the money been spent on? Where's the pool upgrade?'
Tee Wells: 'I think in the long run it is a good thing. It grows our city. It might sting ratepayers to begin with.'
Sam Reckas: 'I don't own a property but a friend does. It's disgusting because wages don't cover the influx of changes to bills.'
Adam Simperingham: 'In Wainui we don't get water or have proper sewerage. GDC should work to provide those things before considering a rate increase.'
Clardia Aishkova: 'I don't think it's necessary.'
Guy Baker: 'I think the percentage is too high. A lot is spent by GDC and the ratepayer picks up the cost.'
James Blackburn: 'What additional services or facilities will we be getting in return?'

  1. Pam Robinson says:

    Perhaps if they put some of my rates payments into safe footpaths and infrastructure I would be happy for rates to increase, until then no freckin’ way should rates increase.