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Most say no to question of Trump’s acquittal

much like the media circus that surrounds the American President, emotional rather than evidential responses made up most of the 527 responses to this week's webpoll question.

A fraction fewer than 68 percent (358 votes) of respondents said no to the question “would you have acquitted Donald Trump in his impeachment trial?”

“Guilty as sin,” said one.

“He is not honest, is rude, disrespectful, unprofessional, not in the least diplomatic, cunning, and deceptive etc etc etc,” said another.

“When did they stop assassinating their presidents? asked another person in the no corner.

“Bring back the 60s.”

Among the 29 percent (154) who would have acquitted Trump was the reader who said the trial was not a trial.

“It was a political farce worthy of a totalitarian state.”

“Absolutely,” said another.

“Nineteen minutes after his inauguration his impeachment was already in the planning. Further, the two articles failed because the silly Democrats could not find a crime that he had actually committed.”

The whole Trump thing by the media and Democrats is BS, said one respondent.

“I have never known a man in the whole world who has done so much good for his country and get such a raw deal from idiots.”

From the three percent (15) who ticked don't know box was the reader whose response encapsulated the emotional tenor of the Trump media circus that includes excitable platforms such as Facebook and Twitter —“I DONT NO.”

  1. Jeany says:

    God bless Predident Trump he is the best