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Three jury trials all resolved just head of starting

Three jury trials, one of them a reserve fixture, scheduled for this week in Gisborne District Court, were resolved just ahead of starting. The jury pool were released from duty yesterday morning.

A trial that started on Monday for Charles Shane Newton, 50, resolved part-heard on Tuesday.

The next trial and another scheduled as a reserve, were both resolved just ahead of either of them starting yesterday.

Jordan Dexter Hungahunga's trial on four family violence charges was the priority one for the rest of the week and due to start yesterday morning.

But Hungahunga pleaded guilty to two charges after the Crown offered no evidence on the other two, which were dismissed.

The charges Hungahunga admitted were injuring with reckless disregard and breach of a protection order, both in relating to an incident in Wairoa last October.

The dismissed charges were assault on a person in a family relationship and another alleged breach of a protection order.

Judge Warren Cathcart further remanded Hungahunga in custody for sentence on March 12.

Hungahunga was represented by counsel Vicky Thorpe.

The reserve trial that was to be brought on in replacement for Hungahunga's was for John Manuel, 42, and his partner Faithjoui Keil-Robinson, 42, who were each charged with possessing cannabis for supply, unlawful possession of a firearm — a Marlin rifle — and possession of explosives — 13 rounds of ammunition.

The case resolved with Manuel pleading guilty to the cannabis offence and Keil-Robinson pleading guilty to the firearm and explosives offences.

The Crown offered no evidence on the remaining charges against each of them, which were dismissed.

Manuel, represented by counsel Mark Sceats, and Keil-Robinson, represented by counsel Vicky Thorpe, were each scheduled for sentencing on April 3.

Manuel, a sentenced prisoner, was further remanded in custody.

Keil-Robinson was further remanded on bail. Pre-sentence reports were ordered for each, with Keil-Robinson's to traverse the suitability of electronically-monitored sentence options.