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Concern stolen batteries could be dumped

There is concern 70 kilograms of used batteries stolen from outside Tairawhiti Environment Centre will be dumped.

The batteries were packaged up into boxes on two pallets.

The pallets were placed outside the centre on Palmerston Road on Thursday night (Waitangi Day) for a courier to pick up when the packages were broken into.

Five 10kg boxes of “D” size alkaline batteries (yellow ones) were taken from the wrapped pallets, along with two 10kg boxes of used Lithium batteries.

Tairawhiti Environment Centre's Gillian Ward said they were concerned that once it was realised the batteries were no good, they would likely be dumped.

“We don't want these contaminating the river, parks, reserves or roadsides, and will be pleased to collect them.

“If anyone notices batteries, or boxes of batteries, that match the description of these, please could they contact Tairawhiti Environment Centre, tairawhitienvcentre@gmail.com, phone 867 4708.”

The old batteries were on their way to Upcycle in Onehunga, which then sends them on to Korea where the reusable materials are recovered for making into new batteries.

The Lithium batteries terminals are taped with masking tape to prevent short circuiting while in transit in case they have retained some charge.

The centre has a contract with Gisborne District Council as a collection point of several items which can be recycled.

Items include “dry cell” household batteries — AA, AAA, C, D etc alkaline batteries, as well as rechargeable batteries, coin cell batteries, and lithium batteries used in cellphones, e-cigarettes, work tools, RT radios, and many toys.

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