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Rocky the wandering cat has returned home after more than a year, with social media solving the mystery of where she went.

Gisborne woman and Bayleys real estate agent Kerry Low moved into town in September 2018 with her two Burmese cats — Rocky and Betty.

But both of them soon went missing.

Daughter Izzy Low said her mum was devastated, so Izzy posted photos of the cats on Gisborne Facebook pages to see if anyone had seen them.

It was through one of these posts they found out Betty had been run over and killed.

But where Rocky was remained a mystery until last week.

“One of our family friends tagged us in a post on Facebook and asked us if this was Rocky,” said Izzy.

This cat had a kink at the end of her tail like Rocky and a white patch on her side.

“We were like ‘surely not'. So we contacted the lady and asked if we could pop over and check her out. When we went over it was Rocky. She remembers us now but at first it was all a bit of a shock.”

Back home, Rocky has quickly pulled rank.

The two Burmese cats Kerry bought to replace her lost ones did not want to come inside now, said Izzy.

And they were hesitant about Rocky being let outside because of her recent nomadic ways.

However, at 13 years old, Rocky seemed fine with that and had made herself right back at home and did not appear to want to go anywhere, said Izzy.

The puzzle of where Rocky had been was pieced together through comments on the Facebook post.

One lady commented that Rocky had been living with her for a year on a street by Gisborne Girls' High School.

Then she moved to another street, where Rocky wandered off from there to another house.

It was the woman at that house who started the Facebook thread this year as to whose cat she was.

“She is a very loveable cat,” said Izzy.

Happy to be home: Ryder Halley is delighted to have Rocky the cat back at grandmother Kerry Low's house after the much-loved 13-year-old puss went missing for over a year. Social media revealed her whereabouts, Rocky lived at two different houses before a Facebook post led to the cat coming back. Picture by Paul Rickard

  1. robert beadle says:

    If only cats could talk.

  2. Barb says:

    Should have had a tracker chip put in the cat then anyone finding them who has any sense would take them to a vet to be scanned and the right owner found – saves a lot of heartache over a lost and loved pet.